Vulnerable Single Mothers Program

Most of the single mothers that are in this organization attribute this status to the separation that they underwent as they fled their country due to war. This separation leaves them without husbands and they therefore quickly assume the roles of head of family.

This new role comes with numerous challenges most of which stem from the fact that they cannot easily access employment. Their basic needs range from food, clothes, education for their children as well as basic shelter as most of them live in dilapidated rented shacks that pose both a health and security hazard.

The number of such households is overwhelming and cannot be met by the organization solely. These mothers also have to be trained so as to equip them with some hands-on skills that in turn have helped them fend for their families. There is a vision to train and equip all these vulnerable women with tailoring, art and craft skills so that they are self-reliant in the long run.

Recent Activities