Our Programmes

Stalwart International Workers for Humanity interventions are carried out through various programs that are designed strategically to meet the needs in a given age group and segment.

Child Care, SIWH Intervention Programs

Child Care Program

These are orphans and children of single mothers whom we help to grow their talents through storytelling, art , comedy, public speaking, drawing and other activities that are related to their age.

House of Hope , SIWH Intervention Programs

House of Hope Program

This is a group of people with a number of non communicable diseases who need food to be able to use their medicine. These also need financial support to be able to meet their basic needs…

SIWH Intervention Programs, Refugee Elderly Mutual Association

Refugee Elderly Mutual Association

REMA is an association of those that are advanced in age and yet they find themselves in a foreign country with nothing but property they could escape with…

Financial Literacy sessions , SIWH Intervention Programs

Financial Literacy Training

These sessions are open to all members in the organization as we aim at making them as self reliant as possible. Through these trainings we teach them basics of saving…

Vulnerable Single Mothers, SIWH Programmes, SIWH Intervention Programs

Vulnerable Single Mothers Program

Most of the single mothers that are in this organization attribute this status to the separation that they underwent as they fled their country due to war…