Workers for humanity, SIWH, Stalwart International Worker For Humanity
Rema is an association of those that are advanced in age and yet they find themselves in a foreign countryRead More »
SIWH Events, Stalwart International Workers For Humanity
Our visionTo ensure equal human rights for all, mainly to vulnerable people and war displaced people, and help them liveRead More »
Vulnerable Single Mothers, SIWH Programmes, SIWH Intervention Programs
You can sponser a child through school You can donate clothes and items of everyday use You can financially supportRead More »
Child Care - SIWH Program, childcare program,
These sessions are open to all members in the organisation as we aim at making them as self reliant asRead More »
SIWH Intervention Programs, Refugee Elderly Mutual Association
Stalwart international workers for humanity is an organisation created to support and restore the dignity of all vulnerable groups ofpeopleRead More »
Financial Literacy sessions , SIWH Intervention Programs
Most of the single mothers that are in this organisation attribute this status to the separation that they underwent asRead More »
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